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Karoo Gold is a company dedicated to producing, manufacturing and distributing indigenous South African meats. We are committed to delivering products of the highest possible quality so that you, the customer, can feel proud to serve our meats to your guests, family and friends.

Our products have their origins in the pollution free high deserts of Southern Africa where the air is clear and clean and the animals roam free over vast areas.

The meat sourced from these animals is low in fat, free of any antibiotics, artificial hormones and growth stimulants and is a perfect source of iron rich protein.

We maintain the highest possible ethical standards, and harvest our own game on a sustainable basis and demand that our suppliers do the same. By buying this product you are supporting non traditional farming practices that promote bio diversity and break from the mono cultures of the past.

We produce a number of products, aimed at showcasing the huge variety of tastes and textures found in our indigenous meats. We have a product for every occasion from a sophisticated entree of springbok carpaccio to gemsbok steaks for the braai to smoked crocodile to make your avocado soup unforgettable. Or how about some warthog bacon for breakfast, a flash fried springbok fillet for lunch or a steaming bowl of fresh pasta laced with smoked ostrich for supper.

The choices are endless, limited only by your imagination and daring. Go on, try some, take a walk on the wild side.

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