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Cured and wood-smoked to perfection. Then finely sliced and vacuum packed with a little vegetable oil. This product is excellent for starters, salads and canapés. As canapés serve it with avocado, sweet melon, pitted prunes, etc. With a sprinkling of olive oil and ground black pepper it is perfect simplicity. For a really low animal fat treat, it can replace bacon if lightly fried in a little oil.

This product is also available in Kudu, Warthog, Crocodile & Ostrich




Neatly trimmed (silverskin removed) striploin of springbok individually vacuum-packed. This is the supreme cut, the chef's choice, and the star of TV shows like "Super Chefs". When grilled or sautéed with care, it turns into very superior steak. Deglaze the pan with a good red wine for a suitably superior sauce to go with it.





A whole saddle of springbok, neatly trimmed. This cut is just
the thing for a formal dinner main course. It is cut a bit
longer than a traditional saddle bacause of the relatively
small size of a springbok

steakLeg Steak Tendernade™

Steaks cut from the leg, treated with our Tendernade™ process to give you a tender and juicy steak. These steaks are cut generously thick.
It is the ideal product for a quick, easy to prepare, gourmet meal.





debonedWhole Deboned Leg Tendernade™

A whole, deboned leg treated with our Tendernade™ process to maintain its juicy tenderness. This cut is suitable for roasting, sautéing, barbecuing or braising.

kebabKebabs Tendernade™

These are made from carefully trimmed venison treated with our Tendernade™ process for optimum tenderness and flavour. Vacuum packed in a delicious Lemon & Herb marinade that can be used as the base of a sauce. This fast cooking product is ideal for grilling, sautéing or barbecuing.


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